Scott County SKYWARN Team
Emergency Weather Net

Scott County SKYWARN Team

As a member of the National Weather Service’s SKYWARN program, the Scott County SKYWARN Team activates during severe weather conditions to provide reports of severe weather and damage in Scott County to the National Weather Service’s Forecast Office in Jackson.

Our Team is composed of licensed Amateur Radio operators who have training, certification, and experience in Advanced Storm Spotting and in emergency communications. We keep our knowledge up to date through continuing education and our skills sharp through participation in monthly drills, exercises, and quarterly simulated tests. During activation our stationary team members are positioned, and our mobile team members are deployed, throughout Scott County where they observe local weather conditions in the field and relay severe weather information and damage reports to the Net Control operator of the Scott County Weather Net.

The Net Control Operator of the Scott County Severe Weather Net serves as the liaison between the Scott County SKYWARN Team and the NWS Forecast Office in Jackson by being the central clearing house for forwarding reports from our team members and other spotters in the field in Scott County to the NWS office.

If you have a desire to serve the public during severe weather, are willing to be a team player, and are willing to participate in training programs designed to improve your skills as a severe weather spotter and effective communicator, then we would be happy to have you join our team.

Note: Due to COVID we are not taking new members, or meeting in person at this time. Instead we are co- participating in ARES and SKYWARN Nets and training programs with Central Mississippi ARES (Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties). When we resume normal operations this notice will be removed.

Scott County SKYWARN Leader: Jimmy Reid, KF5VVU

Scott County Emergency Weather Net
145.390 Repeater - 77.0 Hz tone

During, and in anticipation of, severe weather, the Scott County Weather Net will be activated to receive and disseminate weather reports and local conditions to the Ham Radio community in Scott County and to forward pertinent Storm Spotter information to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Jackson. All amateurs living in Scott County and surrounding areas are welcome to check in to the net to report severe weather conditions and damage in their area, and to request information about impending weather conditions in their area. You do not have to be a member of the Scott County SKYWARN Team to participate.


Scott County ARES Team

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